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Published: 11th August 2010
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Mizuno Forged Irons began with the Mizuno Golf Company in 1933 but they did not become available in the United States until 1982. They were considered the #1 golf irons to be used on the PGA tour throughout the 1990's and are still used today. The technology continues to advance with their strategic weight distributions. They currently offer three leading lines of irons - the MP, the MX, and the T-Zoid.

Mizuno Forged Irons began using Cut Muscle technology in 2003 with their line MP-30 golf irons. The Cut Muscle system repositions the weight from the muscle area to the muscle back area to create an optimal iron. Other new technologies include the Grain Flow Forging system that is currently in use with the MP-57 line. The MP-57 is the first iron with a full cavity that serves to enlarge the sweet spot for maximum effectiveness. These irons have a solid feel and deliver a higher ball flight with the long irons. The scoring irons, while still retaining the increased forgiveness, offer a mid trajectory.

The Pure Select mild carbon steel used to create the Mizuno Forged Irons offer a soft, yet flexible feel and the Durable Double nickel chrome plate finish both protects the iron and gives it a pleasant sheen. These irons also use modified U-grooves that transfer an ideal spin rate to the ball in all playing conditions as the rolled and trailing leading edges make for a consistent strike. The mid-sole on these irons are cambered so that it lends maximum effect to any lie of the ball.

Mizuno like many manufacturers have moved away from the titanium face to a maraging face on their GI irons which provide as hot feel and very good ball speeds. The JPX AD Maraging features a large pocket cavity and wide sole. This automatic iron is made for maximum forgiveness and distance.

The JPX Forged has always been a forged automatic model for the average golfer and the new JPX Forged are no different as they seem to sport an even thicker topline that previous models. Mizuno however has continued not to use a pocket cavity for the forged model to maintain the soft feel.

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